Spring 2016 Newsletter

Hello from everyone at R-A-G Thyme!

Well… this winter has been a lot easier on the shoveling muscles! A couple of cold snaps, but it is winter in New Hampshire. We are hoping that “El Nino” will help everything warm up a little sooner. And then it can go away – don’t want it too hot.

We are VERY excited about this year!!! We are heading into this season better staffed than ever!

First we want to welcome Cynthia Wing back as a full time employee! Cindy brings with her a degree in Horticulture. Bill first met Cindy over 10 years ago when he was Nursery Manager at Delahunty’s Nursery in Windham. She was high school student summer help. She had a great work ethic then, and even better now. She has stayed in the field ever since, spending the last 8 years as a key employee at another local nursery. She brings with her a great knowledge of plants and gardens. She is also a “Pond Expert” and we will be able to properly maintain Fountains, Ponds and Koi ponds. (Sorry, we are not set up to install ponds.)

Cindy lwill be responsible for our accounts in the Manchester area including Chester, Auburn, Hooksett and Bedford along with others. She will be working with Graham this spring to familiarize her to the accounts. Don’t worry, those of you that have developed a trust with Graham, he will always be available to help.

Speaking of Graham, he is taking responsibility for accounts south of Manchester and east of the Merrimack River as well as helping Cindy.

Last year we were lucky enough to find a few fantastic people to come on board with us. A lot of you met Tammy and/or Jacqui as well as Brenda. They are all returning as Team Leaders this year. Over the winter they have been taking classes to help expand their knowledge to better serve you. Their work ethic and personalities were never in question.

Tammy will be responsible for mostly just Nashua and accounts near its borders. She will be doing clean-ups, plantings, edging, mulching etc. Brenda will be in the same general area but is going to concentrate on maintenance. Jacqui is taking responsibility for Hollis, Brookline, Milford, Amherst and New Boston.

The only sad note this year is that Meredith has decided to move on to other things. She is still available for designs, as she wants to delve more into that area, but no longer affiliated with us. We wish her luck in the future. We also have another independent professional Landscape Designer that has offered her services to us. She has been designing for over 10 years. We have seen some of her work and have been impressed.

There will be a small change in our pricing this year. Garden maintenance will remain at $28/hr. All other services will now be charged $30/hr. It is not a large increase, but just enough to help cover increasing administrative costs.

R-A-G Thyme prides itself on providing detailed quality work in all types of garden beds and seasonal containers. It is because of great clients like you, R-A-G Thyme continues to flourish each year. Thank You!

Our promise to you as we grow is to not forget how personal every garden and property is. Every garden, every person and every yard is different and all require and deserve individual care.

We have continued our business relationships with several area nurseries and growers. They will help with all our plant needs, including bulk plants (flats). If you want flats of any particular flowers, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can place an order. Many spring blooming perennials are hard to find past May 15th, and choice annuals are sold out soon after.

Have you been dreaming about revamping a part of your yard? Keep forgetting that you’d like fall bulbs planted? We want to hear from you and how we can turn those ideas from dream to reality! The information collected will be held safe and secure by R-A-G Thyme Gardening and will not be shared.

We’ve been expanding our container division again this past year. We’d be happy to send someone to refresh your containers throughout the year. What better way to jump start the season when you’re still looking at a garden bed full of snow and frozen soil? A container full of spring bulbs and pansies should do the trick!

*Don’t forget – you get a credit for a free hour for every paying client you refer

**Remember…Everyone’s yard has a different sub-climate, so PLEASE call us when the ground in your yard is no longer frozen, and/or is snow free. You may have full sun, and be ready weeks before your neighbor, whose yard has all shade.

We’ll see you all soon!


Cathy & Bill Haynes
R-A-G Thyme Gardening, Inc.